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Where the shower curtains have pockets!

Imagine a shower curtain that adds fun to every bath your kids take! TubLand shower curtains come with three big pockets so kids can easily reach all their bath toys right from the tub -- and you can reach soaps and shampoos. Our pocketed curtains are so cool, they're patented!


Story of TubLand

Once upon a time (1996 to be exact), a beautiful woman named Suzanne Henn realized that bathing could be more fun for kids. Bathrooms were such adult places!

Because she loved kids more than anything, she set out to think of all the things that would make baths more fun for kids, more convenient for Moms. Her first invention was pocketed curtains with playful designs. Be sure to watch this site for more of her inventions.

Kid In Tub
TubLand™ shower curtains:

Come in a choice of colors and designs for both kids and adults

Feature a nylon mesh pocket attached to a durable vinyl curtain

Allow safe, convenient storage and drying of bath products and toys

Are machine washable

To order by phone, call 312-337-2010, or email [email protected].
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Who can benefit from TubLand™ shower curtains?

TubLand pocket shower curtains are perfect for:

• kids

• parents

• college students

• bachelors

• grandparents

• physically impaired

You can order TubLand™ shower curtains here by visiting our ordering section.

Tubland For Adults

NOT JUST FOR KIDS!! Visit our TubLand™ for Adults section to see how TubLand shower curtains can suit everyone's bathroom storage needs... even grownups!

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