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Pocketed Shower Curtains for Adults

Who couldn't use a shower curtain with pockets for storing bath necessities -- right within easy reach? Adults gave us this idea! Why not offer our patented pocket curtains in white, clear or pastel paterns? And so we do.

Use them by themselves or as liners inside your regular shower curtains.

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Our pockets can hold shampoo, soap, sponges, brushes, emoluments... you name it! Tired of having to stretch or get out of the tub to get those bath beads? Tired of the clutter of bottles jammed into the tiny ledge surrounding most tubs?

Tubland shower curtains are really perfect for anyone with physical impairment. You barely have to move a muscle to get what you want.

Rest assured, these are top quality shower curtains, easy to maintain and long-lasting. TubLand shower curtains are also carried by the finest bath accessory stores in the land.


For product information, please call 1-888-FUNBATH, or email [email protected].
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Enjoy the benefits of Tubland™ shower curtains!

Two Curtains

Features include:

• Durable, standard size vinyl curtain: 72"x72"
• Tough, waterproof, nylon mesh pockets: 14"x12"
• Reinforced top seam

To order TubLand™ shower curtains, visit our ordering section on this website or call 1-312-337-2010 to order by phone.

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